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essentiallyarthouse:February 14 2015IFC Center1015pm 1215pm…


February 14 2015

IFC Center

1015pm 1215pm 215pm 420pm 625pm 830pm 1030pm 2015 Oscar Nominated Animation Shorts

1045am 1155am 155pm 4pm 605pm 810pm 1010pm 2015 Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts

11am My Man Godfrey Gregory La Cava DCP 94min

115pm 450pm 825pm 2015 Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts: Program A

305pm 640pm 1015pm 2015 Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts: Program B

1205am Eastern Promises David Cronenberg (The Criterion Collection featured Director) DCP 100min

1210am *Blue Velvet David Lynch (Eraserhead Spine#725) DCP 120min *Blue Velvet was announced as Laserdisc Spine#219Ld but never released

1230am Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead Kiah Roache-Turner 98min

Angelika Film Center

1030am 130pm 445pm 8pm 1115pm Inherent Vice Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights Spine#366Ld) Digital 148min

1150pm 210pm 450pm 730pm 10pm Big Eyes Tim Burton 104min

Nitehawk Cinema

*1145am (Also Feburary 15 2015) Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et Le Bete) Spine#128Ld/6 Jean Cocteau Digital 91min *Live score performed by Reel Orchestrette

1215am Sid and Nancy Spine#241Ld/20† Alex Cox Digital 107min

1225am A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night Ana Lily Amirpour DCP 109min

Sunshine Cinema

1205pm 210pm 415pm 7pm 930pm 1150pm What We Do in the Shadows Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi 86min

Film Forum

Part of the Series Charles Laughton (Night of the Hunter Spine#28Ld/541)

2 films for 1 Admission (The Big Clock/The Suspect)

1230pm 410pm 750pm The Big Clock John Farrow 35mm 95min

225pm 605pm 945pm The Suspect Robert Siodmak 35mm 95min

Part of the Series Boorman

1230pm 345pm 7pm Excalibur John Boorman DCP 140min

10pm Zardoz John Boorman 35mm 105min

Anthology Film Archives

447pm We Won’t Grow Old Together Maurice Pialat (The Criterion Collection featured Director) 35mm 110min

915pm Posession Andrzej Zulawski 35mm 127min

Jacob Burns Film Center

5pm Bringing Up Baby Howard Hawks (Red River Spinre#709) 35mm 102min

Brooklyn Academy of Music

630pm 9pm (Sold Out) The Philadelphia Story George Cukor (Adam’s Rib Spine#47Ld) 35mm 112min *Stand by: If any seats are available, they will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis just before the start of the show.

Film Society of Lincoln Center

645pm Da Sweet Blood of Jesus Spike Lee (The Criterion Collection featured Director) DCP 123min


930pm Harold and Maude Spine#608 Hal Ashby 91min

tbdresslove:feather shaped alloy ring==> hereSelected Items…


feather shaped alloy ring==> here

Selected Items On Sale

back to school sale


oh, how, i loved the Child Catcher from Chitty, Chitty Bang…

oh, how, i loved the Child Catcher from Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang.

The film also introduced me to the concept of S&M. Not sure that was the filmmakers' intent. Naughty, Ian Fleming

oh, how, i loved the Child Catcher from Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang.

Also that film introduced me to the concept of S&M. Not sure that was the filmmakers’ intent. Naughty, Ian Fleming

“Criticisms about representations of gender (or race and other diversity) are often countered in…”

Criticisms about representations of gender (or race and other diversity) are often countered in fandom by sociological or scientific analyses attempting to explain why the inequality happens according to the internal logic of the fictional world. As though there is any real reason that anything happens in a story except that someone chose to write it that way.

Fiction is not Darwinian: It contains no impartial process of evolution that dispassionately produces the events of a fictional universe. Fiction is miraculously, fundamentally Creationist. When we make worlds, we become gods. And gods are responsible for the things they create, particularly when they create them in their own image.

- Laura Hudson - Leia Is Not Enough: Star Wars and the Woman Problem in Hollywood (x)

“Stop the idea that a woman’s beauty is for a man’s gaze, that you have the right to touch her. This…”

“Stop the idea that a woman’s beauty is for a man’s gaze, that you have the right to touch her. This idea that she must smile and accept unwanted approaches even when she is clearly uncomfortable. Just because you call a woman “beautiful” does not mean you have the right to behave like her beauty belongs to you. There are women healing from scars gotten from men who have called them beautiful yet offered them darkness. The beauty of a woman is hers and hers alone. There are triggers for some women, respect this and know this. The beauty of a woman is hers and hers alone.”

- Ijeoma Umebinyuo (via theijeoma)

“Not only is food a weapon, it’s a means of discrimination. It’s a way for non-poor people to trade…”

“Not only is food a weapon, it’s a means of discrimination. It’s a way for non-poor people to trade empathy for the myth of their own self-sufficiency. We won’t talk about tax credits or write-offs or family money or anything else. No, the poor people are just lazy. And so we cut funding. We require drug tests. We start from the assumption that if you need a certain assistance to live, then you somehow are deficient as a human being. And we end up with churches filled with people spouting Bible clichés in one breath and supporting shame-based policies with the next.”

- Food as a Tool of Control (via sociolab)

“I can accept the labels…because being a black woman writer is not a shallow place but a rich place…”

“"I can accept the labels…because being a black woman writer is not a shallow place but a rich place to write from. It doesn’t limit my imagination; it expands it. It’s richer than being a white male writer because I know more and I’ve experienced more.””

- Toni Morrison, speaking to Hilton Als in a 2003 Profile (via ethiopienne)

Look, Lynn, a very kindred spirit

Look, Lynn, a very kindred spirit

mr-saboteur: Early Experimentation with camera feedback and…


Early Experimentation with camera feedback and keying.

Incidental pleasures

I am having a very lovely visit to Henrix College. Incidental pleasures: lunch yesterday at the Oxford American in Little Rock (I not very adventurously had a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, rather than sampling new Southern cuisine of various kinds - it is a simple pleasure I can rarely resist when I see it - but the meal ended with one of the most delicious desserts I've ever eaten, Do-si-do Girl Scout cookies crumbled up in a jar with white chocolate ganache and a salted caramel peanut ice-cream). Pizza, salad and a margarita for dinner at Zaza with my host Dorian and old friend Giffen. And a cat colony on campus!

kierongillen:A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine asked…


A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine asked what the big deal was about Watchmen. That, via a lot of detours, led me to this speech where I talk Watchmen, its challenge to us as readers, its autobiographical impact, various bits of geeking out over formalism and everything else full of life and comics.

The Vimeo is linked above. If you prefer Youtube, you can find it here.

I performed it originally at Nine Worlds Geekfest. Due to various requests, I did a second performance a few months later, with some small additions. This time the lovely folks at Tomfoolery Pictures offered to film it for the record. After months of labour, here’s the finished version. Hail them.

Hope you find it interesting.

Thanks to: Tomfoolery generally for the filming and Adam specifically for making the offer, GOSH comics for hosting it, Chrissy Williams for putting on her best received pronunciation for the intro, Jon Browne for inspiring it, Nine Worlds Geekfest for prompting its writing and original 100% adrenaline and nerves airing, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons for a comickybook and the Nine Panel Grid for being perfect beyond all human ability to judge.

Tosh Berman Reads & Discusses the “2014 Series” at Alias Books East on Friday March 20, 7:30 P.M.

Here's a quick peek at the cover (one of four colors) of June 1, 2014, one of the pieces Tosh Berman will read Friday the 20th at Alias Books East. 7:30pm. Punch & Pie Served.

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Girls&WomenToKnow:  The 8 year old Chef Taylor Moxey

What began as a way for Taylor to make extra money for a toy has evolved into a successful company out of her parents’ Miami, Florida home kitchen that is earning her big-name clients and her very own billboard. It all started with a Sunday trip to Target when Taylor asked her parents for a toy   “I told her, ‘You know what? Find a way to get the money”  Vernon Moxey, Taylor’s dad, told “She asked, ‘Can I sell cookies?’”   Moxey, who works as an etiquette consultant but says he was at one point homeless, decided to use this as a life lesson to teach Taylor about being self-sufficient. They wrote out a business agreement on a napkin and Moxey gave Taylor $40 as a loan. Taylor used that money to whip up cookies and brownies, which she then took to church that Sunday to sell after the service.

“Honestly, I didn’t think she would make $40 back,” Moxey said. Taylor ended up making more than enough to pay her dad back and cover the toy. She walked away with $175.  Soon after, people from the congregation began calling Taylor asking her to bring her cookies back again. She also entered the KISS Country Midtown Miami Cornbread Competition, where, after competing against adults, she won first place a $250 prize, a billboard and a reputation as one of the town’s top bakers.

“Everything went bonkers,” Moxey said, adding that his daughter’s clients include former Miami Heat player Joel Anthony and HGTV designer Bobby Berk. “Suddenly I’m taking orders for Taylor’s Cookies and Cupcakes.” For Taylor, it seems that the business is more fun than hard work. “I think baking is mostly my passion,” she said. “You get to take your recipe and different people’s recipes and add different things to them.” She’s hoping to host a party this summer serving cupcakes with palm trees on the frosting.  Taylor credits Martha Stewart among her inspirations. She not only makes the baked goods out of her parents’ kitchen, but she also creates a custom box for each customer, made with stickers, markers and other handmade decorations.

“It’s almost nostalgic,” Moxey said. “She takes time to color it, put stickers on it. People say they made them feel like a kid again.”  Taylor has made nearly $10,000 so far, she donates 30 percent of her proceeds to raise dyslexia awareness, a learning disorder that her own dad has. “If you have a platform and people can hear your voice, it’s important to use it for some good,” Moxey said.  Orders continue to pour in for Taylor’s confectioneries, her parents are making a strong effort to keep the business under control so Taylor can focus on being a kid. “I don’t want to take away her childhood,” Moxey said. “Every decision is cleared by us, but we allow her to make the decision.”


Code-X (52)

Crosby'sFamily Untraditions

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Love working round full moon, so much energy … (at the moon)

scumfuckerr: buffalo-divine-eden-no7: Mr David…



Mr David Crystalface
"Tree of Life" 2012

oh damnove been here in dmt travels wow


alanmonoxide:The End of Days It’s official, truth is dead. The…


The End of Days 

It’s official, truth is dead. The end is nigh. Over the weekend, dark cartoon lord David OReilly’s blog of banal photographs masquerading as #HyperRealCG officially suckered Laughing Squid, Gizmodo and The Huffington Post into mildy hysterical clickbait headlines like “I can’t believe these hyper real pictures are completely CG and not real,” and “CGI Faces Are Officially As Real As Actual Human Faces”. Looking at these Images of twee gardens, public sculpture, glossy interiors and bland ephemera, it’s impossible to tell which images are ‘real’ and which are fake. 

This is more than just an in-joke for CG artists. It’s not simply another “blue and black or white and gold?” optical illusion: Hyper Real CG marks a shift - a death, almost. If the public believes that CG artists can and do spend weeks of their lives faking boring and impossibly detailed images (like the fire hydrant above) then it makes conspiracy theorists of us all: everything and therefore nothing is true. It’s a sad state of affairs, but the blog isn’t to blame: it simply expresses a latent shift towards a parity between the photograph and the CG image.

In that sense, Hyper Real CG was inevitable, but it’s also a cynical and tragic landmark of visual culture. CGI and reality are now, to all intents and purposes, interchangeable. Despite their difference being legion, those differences officially do not compute in the public domain. When something can be both true and false - like Schrodinger’s cat is both alive and dead -  we cease to care: the cat is just a theory, and now the image is all in your mind. Every shade of grey is gone and the joke is on you.

It doesn’t matter that some of these images really might be CGI and some are clearly not. That isn’t the point. The point is that the public believes that anything can  - and will - be faked. 

RIP reality.

Air Bridge (5)

innes thumb"Every day you delay, German pressure is becoming more effective."

Morris K. Jessup

ExpandingCaseA stargazing scholar and UFO-ologist.

Michael Harris on Elster on Montaigne on Diagoras on Abraham Wald

Michael Harris — who is now blogging! — points out that Montaigne very crisply got to the point I make in How Not To Be Wrong about survivorship bias, Abraham Wald, and the missing bullet holes:

Here, for example, is how Montaigne explains the errors in reasoning that lead people to believe in the accuracy of divinations: “That explains the reply made by Diagoras, surnamed the Atheist, when he was in Samothrace: he was shown many vows and votive portraits from those who have survived shipwrecks and was then asked, ‘You, there, who think that the gods are indifferent to human affairs, what have you to say about so many men saved by their grace?’— ‘It is like this’, he replied, ‘there are no portraits here of those who stayed and drowned—and they are more numerous!’ ”

The quote is from Jon Elster, Reason and Rationality, p.26.


The Sunday Series: Sunday No. 8 (March 1, 2015)

Sunday No. 8

Since today is Sunday, this is the day where I’m going to build my ideal record shop within one of my rooms in our house.   I often dream of living in a record store - but not just any record store, but one from the 1950s or early 1960s.  The mid-modern interior plus music is a seductive image for me.  In my dreams, I have often looked at out-of-print albums and just being amazed that I’m holding them - but alas it is only a dream.  But as they say, “dreams can happen.”  

For the vinyl, I basically sold everything except the house and clothes I wear on a daily basis.  The artwork was sold, as well as my car and the wife’s car as well.  I also went on a diet of just eating one meal a day, to save money to purchase not only quantity but quality vinyl as well.   I went to various dealers at the Pasadena Swap Meet in the Pasadena City College - and purchased a great deal of vinyl.  Around 3,000 pieces.  I have a sizable classical section, which is mostly the label Columbia “Masterworks, ” series; the so-called six eye label. Then of course, the complete Dial Jazz recordings as well as Miles’ Columbia releases (of course, and again, the six eye label) as well as every release from Reprise Records, the label started by Frank Sinatra in 1960.  And for good measure most of the releases from Capital Records 1950s era.   Then I have a sizable section of Factory Records, and of course, The Beatles Apple releases - but not the actual Beatle recordings, but the other artists who had albums issued on that label. 

The actual room which will now be a record store is 100 feet by 100 feet.  It’s a decent size room and it used to be our living room.  Using vintage photographs of authentic record shops from the 1940s to early 1960s, I pretty much have the design for my dream room.   I had to re-do the walls and floor, and I actually covered up a window by placing it with a giant image of the Columbia six eye label.  I went for the art deco meets mid-century retail interior look for this room.   Since the windows were removed, I could put up album displays on the walls, and then I built a long counter, where I placed the turntable and register machine.  Even though it’s a real register, there is not any money in it.   I also built a magazine rack and filled it with vintage 16 Magazine, Tiger Beat, old copies of NME, Melody Maker, and the first two or three issues of Rolling Stone Magazine (when they were still situated in San Francisco).   The turntable I purchased for the space is The Thorens TD 124, which was first introduced in 1957, but mine is actually from 1966.   The additional Goldring 850 cartridge with the Rega II tone arm made this the ultimate turntable. It’s very important that when playing vintage vinyl that you also use a vintage turntable as well. 

After finishing the decor and getting the inventory together, is to add a very important element in the whole picture.  I needed a very beautiful and sexy girl to work behind the counter as well as help me to keep the records in their sections.   With that in mind I needed to re-finance my home, to raise funds for payroll to finance such a person.   I went to Amoeba to locate the most stunning woman employee there, and believe me there are plenty of beautiful eye-candy material.  But I also need a woman who can talk and think about vinyl as well as looking good in a 1950s vintage dress.   No slacks or casual wear is allowed in my private record store.   Also she must be single, and not be involved with anyone else, besides me of course. 

I choose a girl by the name of Virginia.  She had long straight blonde hair that came to her derrière, and I made sure she wore short skirts, due that she had long lovely legs.   I also insisted that she be barefooted while working in my record store space.  So there was a touch of the Sandie Shaw aspect of her as well.  She totally agreed to everything, and it was an extra plus that she was very much into 20th century classical music and was quite a fan of the composer Luciano Berio. 

The genius touch, was to be able to add a small bar at the left side of the sales counter.  That is where I kept my various bottles of wine, as well as sake (planning to add Japanese showa era pop music) and whisky.  The opening day when everything came together was on Sunday March 1.   Virginia showed up for work in a proper work attire, and I eventually got myself a drink of whisky and water.  I sat down and while she was behind the counter she put on a copy of Berio’s “Sinfonia” with the composer conducting the piece.  As I approach my older age, I realized that one shouldn’t have to compromise their stance in the world.  This privileged place, or room, with Virginia, is and will be my final statement left on this world. 

-Inspired by Lun*na Menoh & Boris Vian.

jjunymuustardd: Charlotte Free by Donna Trope.


Charlotte Free by Donna Trope.

Literary classrooms

My brief description:
As students and teachers, we spend a lot of time in the classroom. It witnesses moments of exhilaration, boredom, discovery and hilarity, and the dynamics of conversation in the classroom occupy a good deal of our attention. But most of the great canonical novels we read are more interested in domestic scenes - husbands and wives, parents and children, siblings and friends - than in school ones. An exploration of literary classrooms - the humiliations and torment, for students and teachers, depicted by Dickens in Nicholas Nickeby and David Copperfield and by Charlotte Bronte in Villette; the small-group dynamics of Muriel Spark's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie; the classrooms of contemporary children's literature from Harriet the Spy to J. K. Rowling. What are the risks and rewards of setting fictional scenes in classrooms? And what is the relationship between the dreams of reading and writing and dreams of teaching and learning?
More information here.

My host Dorian Stuber has lined up a couple other really wonderful things for me to do while I'm on campus (and I am promised swimming-pool access too): namely, visiting a class that's reading Clarissa and running a student discussion on the topic of light reading by way of Ben Aaronovitch's Midnight Riot, which I now have a good excuse to reread on my flights tomorrow morning!

(6:20am departure from JFK: just trying to figure out how early I really should leave for that....)

(Just the thought of it makes me think that I might have to lie down right now for a short nap - napped so long yesterday afternoon that I slept very badly last night and am now feeling on the verge of collapse!)

The Unconquerable (35)

macinnesDeath at the Inn

Oskar Kokoschka

oskar_kokoschka_gallery_1Hitler's most hated artist.

Idle question: are Kakeya sets winning?

Jayadev Athreya was here last week and reminded me about this notion of “winning sets,” which I learned about from Howie Masur — originally, one of the many contributions of Wolfgang Schmidt.

Here’s a paper by Curt McMullen introducing a somewhat stronger notion, “absolute winning.”

Anyway:  a winning set (or an absolute winning set) in R^n is “big” in some sense.  In particular, it has to have full Hausdorff dimension, but it doesn’t have to have positive measure.

Kakeya sets (subsets of R^n containing a unit line segment in every direction) can have measure zero, by the Besicovitch construction, and are conjectured (when n=2, known) to have Hausdorff dimension n.  So should we expect these sets to be winning?  Are Besicovitch sets winning?

I have no reason to need to know.  I just think these refined classifications of sets which are measure 0 yet still “large” are very interesting.  And for all I know, maybe there are sets where the easiest way to prove they have full Hausdorff dimension is to prove they’re winning!



lamorbidezza: Kristen Mcmenamy at the finale of McQ Fall 2012 


Kristen Mcmenamy at the finale of McQ Fall 2012 

prostheticknowledge: AiweiweiSimple app by Cosmical Liu…



Simple app by Cosmical Liu recreates Ai Weiwei’s “Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn”, using the smartphones accelerometer to mess with the physics:

Download it here

Molly Picon

MollyPicon-RadioGirl-HiloToo Jewish for ethnically repressed Hollywood.

prostheticknowledge: An Embroidery of VoidsMoving video collage…


An Embroidery of Voids

Moving video collage by New Zealand artist Daniel Crooks features first person footage segments of various alleyways which are placed together.

The GIFs above don’t do the actual video justice (it is far slower paced and richer in detail), and sadly cannot embed the video, but you can see it for yourself here

berfrois: Live long and prosper. — Leonard Nimoy (March 26 1931…


Live long and prosper. — Leonard Nimoy (March 26 1931 – February 27 2015)

Erotische Flugblaetter

I was working in Memorial Library yesterday. Whenever I’m over there, I like to pull a book off the shelf and look at it.  (E.G.) I feel I have some kind of duty to the books — there are so many which will never be taken off the shelf again!

Anyway, there has never been an easier choice than Flugblatt-Propaganda Im 2.Weltkrieg:  Erotische Flugblätter.  How was I not supposed to look at that!  And I was richly rewarded.  The Nazi propagandists knew their business; the leaflets are written in perfect colloquial English, assuring American troops that the US government is purposely prolonging the war to keep unemployment low at home, that their kids and wives are pleading for them to come home alive by any means necessary (especially:  surrendering and riding out the rest of the war in a comfy German POW camp, with movies, sports, and the same food the German soldiers get) and, most of all, that their girlfriends back home, tired of waiting, are taking up with draft-dodgers and war-profiteers (especially the ruthless “Sam Levy.”)  UK troops got their own version:  their girlfriends weren’t making time with shifty Jews, but with US soldiers, who were “training” in England while the British men died at the front.

Some highlights:

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


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converseSnap Out of It

lacrone:Disney Alphabet – I for Iridessa I started this Tumblr…


Disney Alphabet - I for Iridessa

I started this Tumblr when a friend and I were discussing the new book, The Twee Tribe. She commented that she could not imagine a subset made up of people of African descent. So I made this Tumblr to post things to show her what African American Twee Tribe members would like. I don’t claim to know what every twee person of color would like, but I do know that I enjoy the “twee” now and again and I’m African American. 


130186:Emilio de la Morena Fall 2015 Is there a Goth…


Emilio de la Morena Fall 2015

Is there a Goth Talbot’s? i’d wear this

Dear Internet, Would someone please make a reedit of gifs from…

Dear Internet, 

Would someone please make a reedit of gifs from FSOG and insert shots of barely clothed Charlie Hunnam?

Thank you, 

LA Crone

[x]#empirewelp, golly.



welp, golly.

the-two-germanys:”Man in the Hand of Nature” Taken by the…


"Man in the Hand of Nature" Taken by the Luxembourg Gallery.

Rose O’Neill’s Sculptured Drawings: The woman who made funny Kewpies astonished Paris with her powerful Symbolism

Edythe H. Brown
New York: The John Lane Co., 1922.

"yow," says Zippie!

the-two-germanys:”L’offrande”, by Malvina Hoffman.The…


"L’offrande", by Malvina Hoffman.

The Offering

Gertrude Nason Carver
New York: The John Lane Co., 1922.

Look, it’s Fifty Shades of Marble…

La Hoffman studied with Rodin in Paris. She based this sculpture on a Tom Verlaine poem called “Offrande,” giving visual manifestation to the poem’s first sentence: “Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches et puis voici mon coeur qui ne bat que pour vous.”

Lire la suite:,OFFRANDE-POEME-DE-PAUL-VERLAINE,101004816.html  The Getty Institute has Hoffman’s archives! Everything lives in Los Angeles! 

the-two-germanys:Carnival. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, British West…


Carnival. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, British West Indies.
Postcard, British West Indies.

gifopera: a wavering inspiration(some content adapted from…


a wavering inspiration

(some content adapted from here)


‘Pics or it didn’t happen’ – the mantra of the Instagram…

‘Pics or it didn’t happen’ – the mantra of the Instagram era

Sharing itself becomes personhood, with activities taking on meaning not for their basic content but for the way they are turned into content, disseminated through the digital network, and responded to.

[cf An Elixir of Reminding: “Nostalgia is the negation of death, it proves we are still living even without an identifiable future. Instagram is a machine for producing instant nostalgia, a ward against death.”]

Jackie Gleason

Jackie-Gleason-9542440-1-402Like a brutal ballet dancer.

Ceci est une pipe (17)

1962 fallout shelterFallout Shelter Gemütlichkeit!

scribe4haxan: Tamara and the Demon (1917) ~ by Nikolai Kalmakov…


Tamara and the Demon (1917) ~ by Nikolai Kalmakov…

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