Last year’s GoCrossCampus war (click to enlarge)

“Last fall, more than 2,700 heavily armed Yale students faculty, and alumni assembled on the Massachusetts border. Several days later, they overcame the pitifully meager Cantabridgian forces of Harvard … ” So begins the tale, told in the September-October issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine, of last year’s edition of the GoCrossCampus Ivy League Championship Tournament. The competition is like an Internet-based version of the old board game Risk, with teams made up of hundreds or thousands of students and alumni from each campus, each team led by an appointed “commander,” each vying to take over the Northeast (and squash the other members of the Ancient Eight).

The creators of GXC are four Yale undergradutes and a Columbia student, a creative team that got its start building a similar game that pitted Yale’s undergraduate colleges against one another, a game that became a major local hit. They’ve since attracted about $1-million in venture capital, hired a 38-year-old executive vice president, and are at work on other team-based games designed to bolster camraderie within corporations …